What’s best? Coconut Milk or Dairy Milk

What’s best? Coconut Milk or Dairy Milk

Coconut milk vs dairy milk

In past milk was considered to come from dairy only but today we can see in market different kinds of milk. These include coconut milk, almond milk, soy milk, rice milk and oat milk. People are trying to find alternative to regular dairy milk. Today we have comparison between dairy milk and coconut milk . Are you curious to know which is best milk among them, then don’t wait! read the following article.

Coconut milk vs Dairy milk





Coconut milk have higher amount of copper as compared to dairy milk. Copper is very essential element of our diet. We should consume it on daily basis. It helps to boost our energy level. It helps in the production of energy in our body. Further copper helps to strengthen our immune system thus helping our body to fight against diseases. Thus coconut milk leads from regular dairy milk when it comes to amount of copper content in a milk.




2.Lactose Free

Coconut milk is lactose free. Lactose is actually a type of sugar which is found in dairy milk. Many people are lactose-intolerant. Coconut milk have low amount of carbohydrates as compared to dairy milk and its completely lactose free. Any one can have it without any kind of problem. Due to low carbohydrate level, coconut milk is excellent in dieting.  It is another advantage that coconut milk have over dairy milk.


Lactose free milk


3. Iron

Iron is one of the most important nutrients that a human body needs. Coconut milk have higher amount of iron content in it as compared to regular dairy milk. Iron helps in energy production in our body. It helps in our metabolism and also aids in transporting oxygen in our tissues. So if someone wants to have higher iron content in his diet then he should prefer coconut milk over regular dairy milk.




4. Vitamin B-3

Another advantage of coconut milk over regular dairy milk is its higher Vitamin B-3 content as compared to dairy milk. B-complex vitamins are very good for body as they helps us to metabolize the nutrients present in our food so that we are able to use them for production of  energy in our body. Moreover Vitamin B-3 also helps us to produce sex hormones that are essential for reproductive health, as well as stress hormones in our body.

Vitamin B-3



5. Fats

Coconut milk is high in fats content which makes it bad as compared to dairy milk. The fat found in coconut milk is harmful unsaturated fat which is no good to consume. Therefore coconut milk should not be consumed in large quantity.


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6. Calcium

Another disadvantage of coconut milk over dairy milk is its lower amount of calcium content as compared to dairy milk. So when it comes to coconut milk than the benefits generally associated with milk such as strong bones and teeth are kept aside. For strong bones and teeth always consume dairy milk.