Last week I found a lady saying her son that he could not have coffee because its will stunt his growth. I was very surprised to hear that. Coffee is widely used and we all love to have it whether it is morning, evening or night. Every moment is perfect to have coffee.But is there any relationship between coffee and growth. It really doesn’t make any sense to me but the words of that lady got stuck in my head. So I started some research that is it really true that coffee stunt the growth and as a result I  found very surprising facts about it.

Coffee and growth


It was not only that lady who thought that coffee stunt the growth in fact it is a very old myth. Many researches proved that there is no direct relationship between coffee and stunt growth. This myth got popularity when a research came forward that said caffeine can increase the body’s elimination of calcium and cause osteoporosis. Later it was found that if this research had been true than all coffee drinkers must have been the patients of osteoporosis and of short heights but this is not true. Yes there is effect of caffeine on excretion of calcium but its very small and does not cause osteoporosis. In fact these were very old studies.

Coffee and stunt growth

A more recent study tracked 81 teenagers for six years. The result was that no difference in bone density between the kids who highly drank caffeine drinks and those who drank the least amount of caffeine. But their major association of caffeine is with our nervous system. This is scientifically proved that high amount of caffeine stimulates the central nervous system that can cause anxiety and dizziness, and may interfere with normal sleep.

But there is no relationship between Coffee and stunt growth. This old myth is false. Even if you have one or two cups of coffee on daily basis then it causes no harm to your body. But more than that should be avoided. Even the soda drinks and energy drinks carries high amount of caffeine which can disturb your mental heath. But if you plan to cut off your habits of high caffeine intake than you can not do it at once as caffeine is highly addictive. But if you try gradually than you can get rid of caffeine and start a healthy diet plan.