Can Depression Cause Weight Loss?

Can Depression Cause Weight Loss?


Depression is a major problem that most of us face these days.Depression is a common mood disorder Everyone goes through depression at different stages of life. The reasons may be some major loss or failure in life. Recent research found that overthinking leads to depression. Do you guys know that depression is very harmful to our health too. Not only mental health is effected by depression but it also cause many other problems.

Before moving towards effects of depression on our body we will first discuss the main signs of depression. If you find any of following signs than you would be suffering from depression.

  1. Too much exhaustion on waking
  2. Disrupted sleep and upsetting dreams
  3. You wake up midnight and find difficulty in sleeping again
  4. You fed up of regular routine
  5. You feel so lonely
  6. You lose your concentration
  7. Increased involvement in work makes you feel better
  8. Many upsetting thoughts
  9. You become over emotional
  10. Short temper


These all are common issues that people suffer during depression. But is it true that people gain weight when they are depressed? Or do they lose weight in depression.


Weight gain due to depression

Its not actually depression but your change in eating habits that mainly effects your weight. Some foods, especially foods with high sugar make you feel better. You start eating chocolates or other sweets.

That good feeling makes you want to eat more and more, which in turn makes you feel bad about yourself you notice this will cause you gain more weight. This leads to deeper depression, and more eating, and greater amounts of weight gain. This makes a deep relationship between depression and weight gain. Other thing is lower rate of physical activities. You spend most of the time on bed and hence the calories gets on accumulated in your body and you gain more weight. Eating disorder is caused due to depression and it cause weight gain.


Weight loss due to depression

Weight gain is not only problem that occurs due to depression but weight loss is also a major problem. Some people lose their attention in work as well as their interest in food. They start eating very less food. Due to tension and depression people do not feel hungry as their whole focus is towards their problem that has caused them depression. This makes them habitual of starvation and hence they suffer from sudden weight loss. Some people do not get sudden but a gradual loss in their weight. An interesting fact is that if they gain a healthy diet than their depression can also be decreased.

Weight loss due depression